Google Deep Dream Uploader.

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I had a chance to deep dream some of my photos using the Google Deep Dream uploader.  Deep dream is an artificial neural network that spits out really trippy pictures thanks to a rather clever algorithm from Google. There are currently a few Google deep dream uploaders on the web, however, they have been very popular with some sites reporting it can take a week to have your photo ‘dreamed’ Still, it’s worth doing.

Here’s the links to sites that have a Google deep dream uploader so you can create your own otherworldly images.

Psychic VR lab

Deep Dreamr

Zain Shah

Google Deep Dream Uploader

And now the deep dream algorithm used on video

As if the film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas isn’t weird enough, Roelof Pieters as put this through Deep Dream and the effects are positively freaky.

Don’t lose sleep over this